About Us

Created in 2019 by Alejandro Mendoza, Living Legendz is a is a fitness apparel and online retailer based in United States. Providing fitness clothing and accessories with a platform for athletes all over the world to connect. Living Legendz has grown from a self screen printing operation at his parents house into a now fast growing recognizable brand for all forms of physical activities. Living Legendz’s mission is to provide the highest quality of fitness apparel while inspiring people to achieve their goals in both mental and physical health.

A unique family-centric fitness brand, Living Legendz was conceived to be an image of inspiration for all people. We hope to inspire and motivate people to unlock their full potential through fitness.

Leaving A Legacy

Alejandro Mendoza: Founder/Owner/CEO
Andrea Mendoza: COO & Director Of Women’s Department
Arturo Mendoza: President
Marco Cardona: Marketing Director